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Sort of an introductory rant... - Marriage is not for me!!
Sort of an introductory rant...

Howdy, I'm Rachel. Rach works just as well. I'm 20, like in AK.

I've been with this guy for three+ years. My mom and I were having lunch, and over the course of our dicussion we got to talking about my relationship with the guy.

Mom: So, has he asked you to marry him?
Me: ... No...
Mom: Do you want to marry him?
Me: No.
Mom: *confused look* Do you love him?
Me: *SIGH* Yeah Mom, I do. I just don't believe in marriage.
Mom: ... Oh...

So, what? Me not wanting to get married means I don't love my guy? Please. If I didn't love him I wouldn't have stuck around for three years.

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minuet1965 From: minuet1965 Date: December 18th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

welcome and thank you for sharing.
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